Should Higher Education Be Free?

There has been an important debate going around many student circles lately: should higher education be free?

It’s a very important question, and many are wondering why it is even a question, or even why it’s only being asked now. On a poll that we ran on our community website last month, we asked forum members to vote and post their thoughts. Many insisted that higher education, such as university and TAFE courses, should indeed be free to students. The reasoning was that since higher education is taken to gain skills necessary for a career, the Government should place value and investment in making higher education free so as to help pave the way for millions of people who want to get jobs. It will make things easier for families who have always struggled with sending their children to school, especially if their children want to pursue an expensive field of study. And it will certainly encourage young people to attend university rather than settling for a minimum-wage job straight out of high school.

Some, however, have disagreed, saying that it should be the reverse— primary and high school education should be made free by the Government, as that is where a child’s formative education takes place and allowing parents to save up for their child to attend higher education in other countries or states. Other say that making higher education free for students will result in them finding it easy to drop out, change courses all too often, or not take their studies seriously after a while.

While nothing is resolved yet, it was valuable for us to understand where our community stands, and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on things that will affect the nature of this debate.

Why You Should Support Local Businesses in Perth

Local businesses in Perth are growing steadily, each meeting their own kind of success. However, some of them often get overlooked in favour of international businesses, and when this happens customers miss out on an opportunity to help new entrepreneurs to flourish.

Local businesses are usually run by families, so when you support a local business you are essentially helping out your neighbour and your community. It’s cheaper and more trustworthy to go through these than some bigger businesses. Smaller ones start out with a lot of heart and many place importance in sustainability. Supporting a business in your own hometown or city that has recently started up can really benefit the area as a whole. Many small business owners have grown up in that place and so they know how to cater to the area and what the people around them need. They provide jobs for people in the community as well. And as a whole, many people who support the local businesses in their town say that they create connections within the community which allows them to flourish.

it is in these small businesses that new ideas and products are born, bringing something new to the community and the economy as a whole and developing throughout time. If you love a local clothes store, a bakeshop that sells very unique cupcakes, or a fresh food market stocked with food that comes straight out of your neighbour’s garden, then supporting them will bring them attention from a wider market and sure success in the future. Your local business in Perth can also make it easier, cheaper an more convenient for people around to get what they need. Many young entrepreneurs think of this as a some kind of symbiosis, where the community is united by supply and demand without additional cost or unnecessary waste.

The support of a local community can truly help bring out the best in small, upstart businesses, allowing their owners to truly achieve their dreams.

Now open: A new Perth Storage facility

Article submitted by Shannan, owner of Crusader Storage:

Just in time for the Christmas season, our newest storage facility has opened up in Perth. Located close to the city and equipped with the latest in security systems, the storage facility is a crisp, clean new home (temporary or permanent) for all types of equipment, particularly the heavy-duty kind such as furniture and multiple crates. For more details, visit our website at or call us on (08) 9468 8033 today.

Standing over about thirty acres of land, the storage facility is housed under high-quality roofing and walls to protect everything within from the surrounding environment, the ever-changing weather and unauthorized personnel. Highly-qualified security staff guard the premises night and day. Clients have a wide range of options regarding the size of the space they want to rent for their storage equipment, with accompanying set prices that are reasonable and affordable. Our security systems are provided by well-known and high-profile security specialists Key of M, a family-owned business well-known for its humble beginnings in lock smithing which have then graduated to providing banks, large companies, shopping centers and storage facilities like this one with the latest electronic locks and security measures.

The site, through street view (note: showing previous shopfront):

street view of site


Being a new, empty and high-tech facility in one of the busiest areas of the country and with such affordable prices too, we expect most spaces in the facility to be taken up soon, and encourage anyone who urgently needs the storage space to make their reservations now. We also allow people from out of the state or area to store their stuff, provided that it is a convenient choice for them, and have partnered with a removal company to provide the transport necessary for moving furniture or other items you wish to be stored. Staff will also be on hand to help move these items.

In addition to this, we want to make sure your storage is packed safely and properly, so as usual we encourage prospective customers to check out our website, which has instructional and procedural videos on how to properly pack your boxes, estimate what size of storage space you need and a checklist of all the things you’ll require to move, store and pay for storage space.

The storage facility in Perth is just the latest in a string of established facilities all over the country, many of which have been around for decades. Though the contents and staff change, and though the security and logistics systems are constantly improving, one thing that hasn’t changed is our excellent customer service and value for protection. As our company motto states, ‘your stuff is our stuff,’ and as long as we’re in operation your stuff will always be safe and in the best of condition with us.

Whether it’s for short-term storage, like a new sofa that’s being tucked away until you can get rid of the old one, or long-term storage like the crates and crates of comic books that won’t fit in your new apartment but which you want to hang on to in the hopes of making a mint someday, we guarantee they will remain safe with us. And of course, we offer periodical, twice-yearly check-ins so our customers can pop into the facility and check their stuff out for maintenance or repair, or just to remind themselves that they do indeed have something stored on our premises just waiting for their chance to rejoin the rest of the world.

Check out our website right now to make reservations, get info on pricing, area size and essential tips on storing items according to weight, height, material and conditions.

Add Value With a Roof Replacement

In general, Australians love their the place they call home. With the Perth property market being one of the most watched space in our community; it’s no surprise that home renovations show is a big hit and DIY projects around the house is one of the favourite past time for aussies. With that being said, why not support Perth local businesses at the same time as renovating your house. Have you thought about getting a new roof?

Why not? It will instantly add thousands, if not ten of thousands of dollars to your property’s value. Roof replacement or sometime known as re-roofing is a term commonly used for replacing an existing roofing with a brand new spanking one! After speaking to a local roofer from Prompt Roofing at, it is now more affordable than you think.

Prompt Roofing

Check out what Adam from Prompt Roofing has to say about the roofing industry in Perth:

  1. There are many local roofers working in the Perth metropolitan area. What does this mean to you? Well, it means you’re spoilt for choices and it is a good opportunity to get a really good deal from it. A good deal does not necessarily mean the cheapest but rather something that is truly fit for purpose.
  2. Although there are many roofers in Perth, but make sure they are accredited so you can be rest assured that the job will be one that is of the highest quality. Not only that, in case something goes wrong; you are more likely to be covered under consumer protection. So, a sound advice: make sure you choose someone who is accredited if you’d like a quality finish and be covered in case of faulty workmanship.
  3. Make sure you insist on seeing an example of the roofer’s roofing work. Not just a display of the tiles or colourbond pieces that they have. But instead, actual finished work on a house. By taking an actual look at the finish of the workmanship will no doubt gives you the peace of mind on how it should look like.
  4. When considering a re-roofing or roof replacement make over, make sure you give yourself ample of time to let it settle for a more beautiful finish.
  5. As with any major renovations or purchase, make sure you shop around. Ask if they beat or at the very least price match their competitors pricing. The end of the day, it does not matter if they say yes or no.. it can’t hurt. The worse thing you could ever do is do nothing!

So there you go, if you’re thinking of getting your roof replaced; why not consider supporting Perth’s local business and give Adam a call at 0438 695 026. You’d be surprise with the work he does!

Film Season Still Alive and Kicking!

Summer is again upon us, so if you can’t beat it the heat… why not join it? What are we talking about? We’re talking outdoor movies of course! As always, Perth city has the kids in mind. If you’ve ever walked around Northbridge, then you would of noticed the big screen near the roundabout. Yeah, you know which one we’re talking about. You probably think that it’s always some sport screening or simply just showing the usual TV shows. You think wrong!

One of the initiative taken by the City of Perth is to air kids flick throughout the summer months. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a thing for families to roll out the picnic carpet, sit back and enjoy the kids flick. That’s right, not a single dime, zippo.. absolutely no cost for your family. so next time when you’re struggling where to take the kids next. Why not visit our city and enjoy the free kids movie screening.

Venue: Northbridge Piazza

Time: Every Saturday at 5.30pm (3rd Aug 2015-30th April 2016)

Cost: Free