Now open: A new Perth Storage facility

Article submitted by Shannan, owner of Crusader Storage:

Just in time for the Christmas season, our newest storage facility has opened up in Perth. Located close to the city and equipped with the latest in security systems, the storage facility is a crisp, clean new home (temporary or permanent) for all types of equipment, particularly the heavy-duty kind such as furniture and multiple crates. For more details, visit our website at or call us on (08) 9468 8033 today.

Standing over about thirty acres of land, the storage facility is housed under high-quality roofing and walls to protect everything within from the surrounding environment, the ever-changing weather and unauthorized personnel. Highly-qualified security staff guard the premises night and day. Clients have a wide range of options regarding the size of the space they want to rent for their storage equipment, with accompanying set prices that are reasonable and affordable. Our security systems are provided by well-known and high-profile security specialists Key of M, a family-owned business well-known for its humble beginnings in lock smithing which have then graduated to providing banks, large companies, shopping centers and storage facilities like this one with the latest electronic locks and security measures.

The site, through street view (note: showing previous shopfront):

street view of site


Being a new, empty and high-tech facility in one of the busiest areas of the country and with such affordable prices too, we expect most spaces in the facility to be taken up soon, and encourage anyone who urgently needs the storage space to make their reservations now. We also allow people from out of the state or area to store their stuff, provided that it is a convenient choice for them, and have partnered with a removal company to provide the transport necessary for moving furniture or other items you wish to be stored. Staff will also be on hand to help move these items.

In addition to this, we want to make sure your storage is packed safely and properly, so as usual we encourage prospective customers to check out our website, which has instructional and procedural videos on how to properly pack your boxes, estimate what size of storage space you need and a checklist of all the things you’ll require to move, store and pay for storage space.

The storage facility in Perth is just the latest in a string of established facilities all over the country, many of which have been around for decades. Though the contents and staff change, and though the security and logistics systems are constantly improving, one thing that hasn’t changed is our excellent customer service and value for protection. As our company motto states, ‘your stuff is our stuff,’ and as long as we’re in operation your stuff will always be safe and in the best of condition with us.

Whether it’s for short-term storage, like a new sofa that’s being tucked away until you can get rid of the old one, or long-term storage like the crates and crates of comic books that won’t fit in your new apartment but which you want to hang on to in the hopes of making a mint someday, we guarantee they will remain safe with us. And of course, we offer periodical, twice-yearly check-ins so our customers can pop into the facility and check their stuff out for maintenance or repair, or just to remind themselves that they do indeed have something stored on our premises just waiting for their chance to rejoin the rest of the world.

Check out our website right now to make reservations, get info on pricing, area size and essential tips on storing items according to weight, height, material and conditions.

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