Add Value With a Roof Replacement

In general, Australians love their the place they call home. With the Perth property market being one of the most watched space in our community; it’s no surprise that home renovations show is a big hit and DIY projects around the house is one of the favourite past time for aussies. With that being said, why not support Perth local businesses at the same time as renovating your house. Have you thought about getting a new roof?

Why not? It will instantly add thousands, if not ten of thousands of dollars to your property’s value. Roof replacement or sometime known as re-roofing is a term commonly used for replacing an existing roofing with a brand new spanking one! After speaking to a local roofer from Prompt Roofing at, it is now more affordable than you think.

Prompt Roofing

Check out what Adam from Prompt Roofing has to say about the roofing industry in Perth:

  1. There are many local roofers working in the Perth metropolitan area. What does this mean to you? Well, it means you’re spoilt for choices and it is a good opportunity to get a really good deal from it. A good deal does not necessarily mean the cheapest but rather something that is truly fit for purpose.
  2. Although there are many roofers in Perth, but make sure they are accredited so you can be rest assured that the job will be one that is of the highest quality. Not only that, in case something goes wrong; you are more likely to be covered under consumer protection. So, a sound advice: make sure you choose someone who is accredited if you’d like a quality finish and be covered in case of faulty workmanship.
  3. Make sure you insist on seeing an example of the roofer’s roofing work. Not just a display of the tiles or colourbond pieces that they have. But instead, actual finished work on a house. By taking an actual look at the finish of the workmanship will no doubt gives you the peace of mind on how it should look like.
  4. When considering a re-roofing or roof replacement make over, make sure you give yourself ample of time to let it settle for a more beautiful finish.
  5. As with any major renovations or purchase, make sure you shop around. Ask if they beat or at the very least price match their competitors pricing. The end of the day, it does not matter if they say yes or no.. it can’t hurt. The worse thing you could ever do is do nothing!

So there you go, if you’re thinking of getting your roof replaced; why not consider supporting Perth’s local business and give Adam a call at 0438 695 026. You’d be surprise with the work he does!

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