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Worries for the future of the UK

@ 9:51 pm, Wed 19th Jan 2011

Over 20% of 16-24 year olds are classed as unemployed, it's been announced today. The highest since records began nearly 20 years ago.

The Tory-lead Government plans to cut EMA which won't reduce that number. If anything will increase it by pricing people out of education between aged 16-18.

The Tory-lead Government plans to raise tuition fees which won't reduce the number. If anything will increase it by making people feel university is too expensive for them to go to.

The Tory-lead Government is making cuts everywhere in the public sector. This is increasing the number of unemployed and making more competition for jobs. The young with less experience will miss out to older, more experienced people.

The Tory-lead Government claims that the private sector will plug the jobs gap by creating new jobs. But we're not seeing that. The private sector is suffering. People are not spending as much, scared by the VAT rise, inflation raising to 3.7%, the drop in child benefit and housing benefit and the worries they might be next to have their job axed. So the private sector is scared about where their income is coming from and are not spending, becoming more cautious and most importantly not taking on more staff that the Government was expecting them to.

So what do we have? A Government that is failing. Failing the whole country, but most importantly the young people. They are writing off a whole generation, just like they did in the 1980s. Their policies are leading to more unemployed so young people have no hope in employment being their way out. The alternative for our young people is education which we see isn't the answer either. The competition for places is too great....and that's before you even consider whether you can afford it. The young will just suffer for year out of work, out of education and falling out of society, lost because the Government have got it wrong.

You might want to argue that the cuts are necessary and I'd agree with you that some cuts are needed and we can make some efficiency savings. But the way the Government are doing it is wrong. They are cutting too much and to fast and worst of all they are cutting without any thought of the consequences. They do not seem to have any plan to deal with the consequences of their actions. They are just focusing on making the cuts as if people are not going to suffer. But people are going to suffer and already many are. It's just going to get worse.

They should not be making cuts and making the situation for young people worse without alternatives for the services that are being scrapped. They should compliment their cuts with sensible and concrete plans that will generate more jobs or more places in education. Yet we're hardly seeing anything from them like this and the unemployment figures and the economy show the consequences.

We have a Tory-lead Government who are being ideologically driven to make massive changes to the country when it is dangerous to do so. They do it without any thought or compassion for the millions of people their changes will hurt. They are writing off a whole generation of our young people. Yet they don't care. Instead of acting to help those who are suffering at their hands they are too focused on reducing our police numbers (some areas face cuts of up to 50% of their police officers), privatising our schools by extending the impact private businesses can have on what schools teach and making completely unnecessary, yet expensive changes to the NHS which are not wanted by patients nor healthcare staff nor even the GP who sits on the Tory benches.

It's a terrible state of affairs and I only hope something changes to stop us heading further down this path of destruction. It will only lead to a country where money buys you the basic services and the poor suffer. Business, money and greed become the focus and society, people and relationships become unimportant, cast out of people minds.

What then will there be for those without money - the young and the generation that is currently being written off, for those losing their jobs? I really dread to think. But I do know we need to put a stop to this Government now before it becomes to late. We need to make a stand against them and let them know we do not want what they are doing, that they did not get a mandate at the election to destroy this country and make radical changes that no party included in their manifesto. Perhaps we need to rise up together and form the 'Big Society' and tell the Government it's time to put their ideologies aside and instead put the people first.

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